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Serena wines,
a story since 1881

Our identity

cheers to life.
brindisi alla vita

This is Serena Wines 1881 identity because good wine, such as life, is made of special alchemies: passion and perseverance to make the most of our work, pride to create our own story through innovative projects and high quality products, and vocation to share our own vision of the future. The Serenas know it very well because they have been real entrepreneurs and ambassadors of the enological ‘Made in Italy’ for more than 130 years.

new labels

In the ‘90s and at the beginning of the new century, Giorgio and Gerardo Serena focused on improving the whole system on a technical level and they created different labels for wines in bottles. They added value to different qualities of wines that can be found in one of the best ‘Made in Italy’ area: Terra Serena, Ville d’Arfanta and Vigne Verdi were born.